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An Inflatable Water slide can add fun instantly to any party. Just inflate, add water, and slide! The cushion of the inflated slide provides a safe, comfortable environment for kids to play. The "No Jump" netting keeps them from tumbling head first. Add water for extra slippery fun! Also, you can slide on them dry so your clothes don't get wet. You can use all of our  water slide rentals either wet or dry, whichever you prefer.


When selecting from our wide array of themes and sizes, please make sure that you have enough room to set up the for each of the slides. Whether it's for a birthday, a special themed party, or any other occasion, Austin Water Slide Rentals has the right slide for you! Just contact us if you have any special requests, and we will deliver.

Water slide rentals are great for all events

Every kid dreams of having the best birthday party in the whole world. Make your kid's dream come true with a water slide from Austin Water slides Rentals! Here at Austin Water Slide Rentals, we offer a variety of slides with different themes -- like castles and pirate ships -- as well as a wide selection of popular kids' movies. Just choose your slide and we'll deliver -- it's that simple!


All of our slides are made with "lead-free vinyl."  At  Austin Water Slide Rentals, we always clean and sanitize the slides after every use. We want to provide a safe, fun environment for you and your guests. They also come with "No Jump" netting to keep kids from sliding down in ways that might be unsafe. Add water to make an extra splash! Or use dry if preferred. Either way, our inflatable slides provide a lot of fun!

To learn more about Austin Water Slide Rentals, visit our about us page. 

water slide rentals austin texas

Events & fundraisers

Adding a water slide is a great party addition to any birthday or holiday.  Even for family reunions or church events. Rent one for your next outdoor carnival and watch the kids pour in.  Every kid wants a chance to play on a water  slide. Having these large inflatables at your outdoor event will prompt children to ask their parents to stop by.  This makes them great for fundraisers as well as carnivals and festivals. Adding a few of our inflatables will surely bring out the families in the community.


This is something that costs you very little to provide hours of fun for everyone.  Charge as you wish and use the money for whatever you're needing to fundraiser for, like new playground equipment, medical bills, and adoptions are some of the things we've purchased from having these fun inflatables at fundraisers.

Water slides galore!

At Austin Water Slide Rentals, we offer a variety of tropical-themed inflatable  water slides that are sure to brighten up your next party. We have two sizes of Big Kahuna Slides, a Big Surf Water Slide, a Tsunami Water Slide, a Giant Blue Wave Water Slide, a Lava Wave Slide, a Paradise Slide, a Tropical Water Slide, as well as a Palm Tree Slip and Slide. Also, we have an Alligator water slide and a Pirate Ship Water Slide for the more adventurous!


Because we clean and sanitize our water slides after every use to ensure our customers' safety, parents can sit back and relax with a delicious tropical drink as they watch their kids play. In addition, the soft inflated slides are made of lead-free vinyl for maximum comfort. Most importantly, all of our slides have the latest safety features built right in, like the "no jump" safety netting. Also, you can use the slides either with water or dry, depending on your preference.


If you and your parent friends have active kids, inflatable water slides will help them get exercise without even realizing it -- because it will be fun! Rent our bounce house and slide combos if you want a guaranteed hit with the kids. Bouncing is a great way for them to expend their energy, and our bounce houses provide a safe environment for them to jump and play. For your next party or event, be sure to check out Austin Water Slide Rentals for the best in entertainment equipment rentals!

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Kid Krazy is a good thing! Especially because with our inflatable water slides, your kids can go crazy with fun. We have a wide assortment of Slip and Slides, Water slides, and Bounce House and Slide combos. All of our slides are made of "lead-free" vinyl. They also have "no jump" netting to prevent kids from going too wild! Most importantly, we clean and sanitize every slide after each use so that you can rest assured of a clean environment for your kids (and you!) to play in.


Please select the slide that best suits your needs from our wide array of shapes, sizes, and themes. We also deliver our slides the day before the party 80% of the time -- at no extra charge! All you have to do is choose and order. It's that simple! And please include any delivery notes you may have -- we will do our best to deliver. Check out the delivery area page for more details.

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If you want to make your event or party stand out, rent an inflatable water slide from Austin Water Slide Rentals! We offer various sizes of slides and slip n slides, both single and double-lanes (great for racing!), as well as bounce houses with water slides attached. Once you have verified the size and type of the slide you want, you can also choose from a wide assortment of themes, including some of the latest and greatest hits from kids' movies.


You can rent with confidence from Austin Water Slide Rentals because we clean and sanitize our slides after every use. We want to ensure that you and your guests have a safe and fun experience! All of our slides are made with "lead-free" vinyl. In addition, all of our water slides come equipped with "no jump" netting at the top to provide extra protection. Austin Water Slide Rentals is proud to provide the best in entertainment equipment rentals in the Austin, TX area.

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As Austin's top rated party rental company, Austin Water Slide Rentals is the best in the business. Not only do we have the best water slides to choose from, but we also offer free deliveries to events that are hosted in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville and more! Check out our delivery area page for more details or contact us if you are outside of our delivery area.